How To Get Started With Essential Oils

There a lot of people who get excited about using essential oils due to the variety and vast benefits these essential oils have. Some of the benefits of using essential oils include:

  • – They are known to boost the immune system
  • – These oils also help balance hormones
  • – They also help beat restless sleep. etc

With the said benefits it simply clear you have a lot to gain from essential oils. The only worry arises when you don’t know where to get started. Below is a guide to help you use essential oils for the beginners:

Choose Your Oil Wisely

What you should understand is there different types of essential oil and they are not created equal to each other. When going for recommendations you may pick up oil that reacts differently with your body so it is good to do thorough research and know the oil that suits you.

There is a number of things that affect the quality of essential oils. These factors range from the harvesting to the manufacturing and distribution. Essential oils are highly concentrated and therefore should be free from any kind of chemical.

Since essential oils have grown in the market for aromatherapy purposes you should be careful since there oils that are not used for clinical purposes. Since they are readily available sometimes it proves difficult to differentiate diluted ones and contaminated ones.

Any chemical exposure may happen in the manufacturing phase where you unaware. Essential oil made from citrus is prone to oxidation which alters the chemistry of their composition. Ensure that you research extensively and don’t rely on referrals or labeling.

Start with Some Basic Oils

Since there a lot of essential oils in the market today, you might become overwhelmed when starting out. Begin by choosing the basic essential oils and gradually move to the rest after you get used the basic.

By starting with the basics you get to learn how they work and what you expect from them. Most of these oils come with diffusers which enable you to safely use them. It is also advisable to buy the starter package which is more convenient. Some people even prefer using two to three essential oil products to see how things work out.


How to Use Essential Oils

One way of using the essential is by inhaling this helps improve the senses thus positively affecting the state of your mind and body. All you need to do is inhale it directly from the bottle and diffuse it with a diffuser.

Topical Application
Some of the oils due to their nature are effective when applied directly to the skin. The areas where they are mostly applied are the ears, soles, abdomen, top of the feet and the upper back. All you have to do is apply small amounts on the areas you need improvement from and rub gently with your palm in a circular motion.

Some oils also require dilution which is necessary for you to read the instructions carefully. Always check the manufacturer if you don’t see the information it is recommended that you switch brands to a more authentic manufacturer.

Internal Consumption.
As said earlier the quality of essential oils affects their way of consumption. There are some essential oils that are safe to ingest since they come in form of dietary supplements. Ensure that you follow the required dosage and always seek professional advice before you take these oils internally. Read the instructions carefully to see whether it is safe to consume the oil orally.

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